Heidi Bradshaw

Dip. Counselling (MBACP Accred.)
MMedSci Hum. Nutr.


A way to better health . . .

Talk your way to better health with counselling sessions that help you explore what might lie behind your difficulties, and what might be preventing you from feeling as well and happy as you would wish.
I can help you delve a little deeper, and gain a broader perspective on your life, yourself, and your choices.
Psychological wellbeing is often spoken about as if it were entirely separate from physical wellbeing, whereas my sense is that they are closely interconnected. So, in my counselling work, I am concerned for the whole person, mind and body.

Be heard

Counselling provides an opportunity to be heard by a trained, non-judgemental listener who can help you untangle some of life’s knottier problems. Friends and family members can be a vital support when things are difficult, but sometimes it helps to talk with someone who isn’t involved, someone who can really listen.
Counselling is a therapeutic conversation, a dialogue that is all about you.

See a way through
Counselling can help you look differently at the issues that are troubling you, and help you see a clear way through.